Attorney-at-law Björn Theis LL.M.  Platzl 1a,  80331 Munich

Employment & Compensation

I assist the management board and HR departments in all employment law matters in the day-to-day business with a special know how in transactions and compensation plans. Some examples of my work:

  • Drafting of Employment Agreements
  • Variable Compensation Plans and Bonus Target Achievements
  • Employee Participation Plans (such as Stock Options Plans, Phantom Stock Plans, RSU, ASR)
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Works Agreements, Employee Guidelines and Work Rules
  • Advice in Restructurings and Transactions (e.g. TUPE issues)
  • HR Due Diligence Work
  • Mass-Lay-Offs
  • Negotiations with Workers Council and Unions
  • Co-Determination of Workers in the Supervisory Board
  • Company Pension
  • Employment Litigation

Legal Advice for Executives.

I will advise managing directors and board members in all legal aspects of their employment relationship. I see my role as personal sparring partner with extensive experience in developing best strategies for entry and exit scenarios. Some examples of my work:

  • Drafting, Optimizing and Negotiation of Director Employment Agreements
  • Fixed Term versus Unlimited Duration
  • Termination Clauses
  • Variable Compensation and Fringe Benefits
  • Change-of-Control-Clauses
  • Post-Contractual Non-Compete
  • Pension Commitments
  • Linkage of Termination of Employment and Loss of Office

Commercial Law.

I will draft your supplier and customer contracts with business partners with all my experience from business practice. Having a year long litigation experience will help focusing on hazardous issues. Some examples of my work:

  • Drafting and Review of Purchase Agreements
  • Co-operation and Service Level Agreements
  • Sales Agreements
  • Outsourcing-Projects
  • Commercial Agent Agreements
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Litigation Support